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DLO Enterprise

About DLO Enterprise

Read our story to learn more about our team at DLO Enterprise.

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Our Humble Beginnings

DLO Enterprise has been serving clients for more than 12 years. Led by a woman who has an impressive background in coaching and consulting, we strive to provide quality services and be the go-to of people in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Meet Our Owner

Deris Owens is a trusted coach and mentor who has more than 32 years of experience in business and leadership management. She has extensive knowledge and experience in managing teams, leading projects, coaching, and mentoring employees and post-secondary students. She has taught leadership classes at community colleges, both in face-to-face settings and online platforms. She has also written a children’s book titled “Leisa the Magical Butterfly.” Her community affiliations include serving on Executive Boards and in Chairman Roles.

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