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View our latest blogs at DLO Enterprise. Gain valuable insights that can help you stay grounded in life or make your business prosper in Indianapolis, Indiana. Reach out to us to start your personal or professional coaching and consulting sessions.

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Four Toes Out of the Cocoon

I’m going head first back into the cocoon! I like my mask! It is a shield from greeting morning breath from folks that are not aware that their breath is a little tart! I like the way my mask makes my neck look long and defined.

My masks are fashion statements. I have head wraps that act as hair protectors. It has been fun playing with different fabrics and embellishments.

With Four toes out, I decided to take a risk and live my best life! I am amazed at this summer, this conflagration of silly stuff displayed behind bad attitudes. I decided to tap into the gift of choosing to be grateful. So, I am making a listing of feel goods.

• Heathy eating. No animal meat on Monday and Tuesday

• Yoga and meditation a must!

• Prayer, bible study at mid-day.

• Play in the water. Wash the car and play in the water.

• Write a love letter and send to yourself.

• Drink green tea, add a dash of turmeric and garlic.

• Drink a swig of apple cider vinegar.

Stick your Baby Toe Out of the Cocoon. Post Pandemic.

I am getting curious about the world outside my safe walls at home. I went to the mall last week, my

favorite stores did not make it. I wonder what happened to the staff? I wonder what happened to my

favorite clerk? Who will assist me with matching my favorite colors and fabrics? I can’t drink too much

water, I don’t feel safe going to public restrooms. Next, my favorite fast food restaurant on the food

court is gone. Now, I must shorten my trip or bring a snack. I look forward to having a snack at my

favorite fast food shop on the food court. Two toes out of the house and I think I will stay home. 

Two toes come out. I'm getting curious! Post Pandemic.

As we slowly emerge from being locked down for 14 months in a public health crisis some of us have forgotten  social conduct. Lets’ discuss 10 ways to ease back into a harmonious community.

1. Continue to wear a mask if you feel that your space is not safe.

2. Continue to keep your distance.

3. Remember there are other variants of COVID-19 and you could still be at risk, remember to wash your hands.

4. Force yourself to stand 6 feet away. Distance yourself from the crowd.

5. Remember your social graces. Merchants are short staffed. Don’t pop off at the clerk. Practice patience.

6. It you find yourself in a stressful situation, breathe and remove yourself.

7. If you find yourself in the grocery store and you are in someone’s space back off. Take the high roads. Excuse yourself. Not worth the stress.

8. If you are fearful of venturing out, try taking short trips. Some folks have not been out of their safe space for the entire duration of the pandemic. Be gentle with yourself.

9. Plan to take a 20 minute drive every day. Now that the weather is nice, find a place to smell your roses. Remember, millions died and you made it. Gratitude is very helpful.

10. Practice mindfulness, and focus on living in the moment. Seek professional help if you can’t pivot to a new norm. 

Remember that our landscape has changed. Be a change agent.

Remember that the world is still very vulnerable. Be gentle with yourself. Live a life to crave simplicity.

Three toes have come out. Post Pandemic.

As we approach this Memorial Day Holiday, we have 4 invitations for events. Our dance card is full, and I

am getting cold feet. I am antsy because we have a community of individuals that have decided not to

get vaccinated. So, it has me putting on the brakes on social events. Some folks have received half a

dose and some are fully vaccinated. In Indiana 40% of the state has received at least one dose. My

question, Can I still get Covid after the vaccine? I am a “long hauler” I am a survivor, Covid-19 is nothing

to play with. Because of that, I have read that people who have been fully vaccinated are still testing

positive for COVID. So what does that mean? It means that I can catch Covid again. It means that I have

some immunity, and so the severity of the illness is reduced. Now, my head is spinning and I am getting

frustrated. I am going to stop and do some breathing. I am fully vaccinated, and it may be too soon for

me to go to all the social events. What I am going to do is slow down and do the things that really

matter. I am going to enjoy the day with my spouse. I am going to spend the day in solitude and do

nothing. I may wonder over to the new Cultural Campus at Fort Ben Harrison. I have some packing to get

ready for my new hobby/office work space. I am hanging some brand new yellow curtains in my new

happy space.

It is too early to jump into the constant grind of pressures that comes with putting all ten toes back into

the everyday life. I am taking my three toes back to my cocoon and letting them bake a little while

longer. I have been counting the days that I can have a hot- dog, baked beans, and mustard potato

salad. After that, I will take a long nap and movie binge. I would like to take a moment to give honor to

all the friends, families, and others who have joined the ancestral angels. We recognize and give homage

to you on Memorial Day. Stay Safe. 

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